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Atelier pratique

Présentation de Qwiklabs et Google Cloud Platform

Dans ce premier atelier pratique, vous allez accéder à Qwiklabs et à la console Google Cloud Platform. Vous apprendrez aussi à utiliser les fonctionnalités de base de GCP : les projets, les ressources, les utilisateurs IAM, les rôles, les autorisations, les API et Cloud Shell.

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GCP Essentials

Cette quête d'introduction se compose d'ateliers pratiques qui vous permettent de vous familiariser avec les outils et services de base de Google Cloud Platform. \"GCP Essentials\" est la quête Qwiklabs la plus populaire, et à juste titre. Vous pouvez la suivre sans aucune connaissance (ou presque) du cloud et, une fois la quête terminée, vous disposerez de compétences pratiques qui vous seront utiles pour n'importe quel projet GCP. De l'écriture de lignes de commande Cloud Shell au déploiement de votre première machine virtuelle en passant par l'exécution d'applications sur Kubernetes Engine avec l'équilibrage de charge, \"GCP Essentials\" constitue une excellente introduction aux fonctionnalités de la plate-forme.

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DevOps Essentials

DevOps is an organizational and cultural movement that aims to increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders. In this quest you will learn how to use Google Cloud to improve the speed, stability, availability, and security of your software delivery capability. DevOps Research and Assessment has joined Google Cloud. How does your team measure up? Take this five multiple-choice question quiz and find out!


G Suite Essentials

G Suite is Google's Collaborative Applications platform, delivered from Google Cloud. In this introductory-level quest, you will get hands-on practice with G Suite’s core applications from a user perspective. Although there are many more applications and tool components to G Suite than are covered here, you will get experience with the primary apps: Gmail, Calendar, Sheets and a handful of others. Each lab can be completed in 10-15 minutes, but extra time is provided to allow self-directed free exploration of the applications. As an optional final step, you can take the Certification Exam Practice lab, and see the kinds of practice questions and performance-based scenarios are part of the forthcoming G Suite Certification exam.


Google Developer Essentials

This introductory-level quest shows application developers how the Google Cloud ecosystem could help them build secure, scalable and intelligent cloud native applications. You learn how to develop and scale applications without setting up infrastructure, run data analytics and gain insights from data, and develop with pre-trained ML APIs to leverage machine learning event if you are not a Machine Learning expert.You will also experience seamless integration between various Google services and APIs to create intelligent apps.


Anthos: Service Mesh

This intermediate-level quest is unique among Qwiklabs quests. These labs have been curated to give operators hands-on practice with Anthos—a new, open application modernization platform on GCP. Anthos enables you to build and manage modern hybrid applications. Tasks include: installing service mesh, collecting telemetry, and securing your microservices with service mesh policies. This quest is composed of labs targeted to teach you everything you need to know to introduce service mesh, and Anthos, into your next hybrid cloud project.


Comprendre vos coûts GCP

Cette quête s'adresse particulièrement aux personnes qui travaillent dans les technologies ou les finances et qui sont responsables de la gestion des coûts de GCP. Vous apprendrez à configurer un compte de facturation, à organiser les ressources et à gérer les autorisations d'accès à la facturation. Grâce aux ateliers pratiques, vous apprendrez à visualiser votre facture, à suivre vos coûts GCP à l'aide de rapports de facturation, à analyser vos données de facturation avec BigQuery ou Google Sheets et à créer des tableaux de bord de facturation personnalisés avec Data Studio.

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Optimizing Your GCP Costs

This is the second Quest in a two-part series on GCP billing and cost management essentials. This Quest is most suitable for those in a Finance and/or IT related role responsible for optimizing their organization’s cloud infrastructure. Here you'll learn several ways to control and optimize your GCP costs, including setting up budgets and alerts, managing quota limits, and taking advantage of committed use discounts. In the hands-on labs, you’ll practice using various tools to control and optimize your GCP costs or to influence your technology teams to apply the cost optimization best practices.


Applied Data: Blockchain

Blockchain and related technologies such as distributed ledger and distributed apps are becoming new value drivers and solution priorities in many industries. In this Quest you will gain hands-on experience with distributed ledger and the exploration of blockchain datasets in Google Cloud. This Quest brings the research and solution work of Google's Allen Day into self-paced labs for you to run and learn directly. As this Quest utilizes advanced SQL in BigQuery, we've added a SQL-in-BigQuery refresher lab at the start. The final lab is an advanced challenge-style lab in which there are elements where you are not provided the answer but must solve it for yourself.


Cloud Healthcare API

Cloud Healthcare API bridges the gap between care systems and applications built on Google Cloud. By supporting standards-based data formats and protocols of existing healthcare technologies, Cloud Healthcare API connects your data to advanced Google Cloud capabilities, including streaming data processing with Cloud Dataflow, scalable analytics with BigQuery, and machine learning with Cloud Machine Learning Engine. In this Quest you will use the Cloud Healthcare API to ingest and process data in the industry standard FHIR, HL7v2 and DICOM formats, train a TensorFlow model for prediction with FHIR data, and also gain practice with de-identification of datasets.


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