Using Amazon RDS for Applications

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I could not finish Task 2. I followed instructions but the following errors appeared and I could not create rds. User: arn:aws:sts::314752858924:federated-user/tpchi is not authorized to perform: iam:ListRoles on resource: arn:aws:iam::314752858924:role/

Trinh T. · 评论44 分鐘之前

Error: Cannot create RDS

くりす F. · 评论大約 17 小時之前

くりす F. · 评论大約 18 小時之前

Steven H. · 评论2 天之前

The 4 steps are now 1 page. Need to mention to untick monitoring or you'll get an IAM error.

Brenden C. · 评论3 天之前

the lab was hard to follow because it didn't match the aws web interface

Tom B. · 评论3 天之前

Jyotiranjan S. · 评论3 天之前

Lab doesn't work.

Lois G. · 评论4 天之前

Ruben L. · 评论5 天之前

Astrum T. · 评论5 天之前

Gabe P. · 评论5 天之前

小路 仁. · 评论6 天之前

Lab failed to launch RDS because Error loading IAM Roles User: arn:aws:sts::918591129870:federated-user/philimol is not authorized to perform: iam:ListRoles on resource: arn:aws:iam::918591129870:role/

Philip M. · 评论6 天之前

David R. · 评论6 天之前

Not working

Noor S. · 评论6 天之前

Ali A. · 评论9 天之前

Jason M. · 评论9 天之前

Debashish M. · 评论10 天之前

Good information

Bob P. · 评论11 天之前

Show us the data in AWS console

Patrice G. · 评论12 天之前

couldn't finish the lab due to permissions error

Angel G. · 评论13 天之前

Girish P. · 评论15 天之前

Girish P. · 评论15 天之前

Sindhu I. · 评论17 天之前

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