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Compare Cloud AI Platform Models using the What-If Tool to Identify Potential Bias

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lab doesnt work - doesnt detect a network while creating a notebook so cannot able to create a jupyter notebook instance.

Bhuvan P. · 评论不到一分鐘之前

Gilbert P. · 评论5 分鐘之前

GAURAV R. · 评论8 分鐘之前

Nagineni G. · 评论9 分鐘之前

CHETAN T. · 评论大約一小時之前

romil m. · 评论大約一小時之前

souvik o. · 评论大約一小時之前

gunther g. · 评论大約一小時之前

Shau S. · 评论大約一小時之前

Suraj T. · 评论大約 2 小時之前

All done

Jp T. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

After selecting Without GPUs area tab is not opening there must be some error in tool

Aniket S. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

subnetwork is not available to make notebook instance

Ritik G. · 评论大約 6 小時之前


Parth P. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Szymon K. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Last part not sure what is missing - even though model with original was created

Dev K. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

TensorFlow instance is not being created

Priyanshu r. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

sachin s. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

SONAM T. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

This is the second time I am attempting this lab there is some kind of region related error in AI platform-Notebook-New Instance part. Please take care of it, and let me know let me know if it is working fine.

SUYASH M. · 评论大約 9 小時之前


krish M. · 评论大約 9 小時之前

Tapase S. · 评论大約 9 小時之前

not able to create notebook region has not subnetwork

Dhirendra S. · 评论大約 9 小時之前

Suprabhat D. · 评论大約 9 小時之前

Pawan P. · 评论大約 10 小時之前