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Buka Lab

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İbrahim Y. · Diulas 5 menit lalu

No working well. I don't check my progress for any of them.

Francisco J. · Diulas sekitar 6 jam lalu

Özgür G. · Diulas 1 hari lalu

has a problem in last part

omerf G. · Diulas 1 hari lalu

Hasibe G. · Diulas 2 hari lalu

Anil C. · Diulas 2 hari lalu

Samu F. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

derya u. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

Muhammad E. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

Yonghai X. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

Jazzy B. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

çağatay d. · Diulas 4 hari lalu

Hemanth K. · Diulas 5 hari lalu

Mustafa Y. · Diulas 5 hari lalu

lab description did not always match actual site + environment in some substantial ways. directions request to use a third role that does not exist, for example, instead of one of the two roles that does exist. good overview but not very thorough or detailed.

Kyle M. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Tabby J. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Emre G. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Omar A. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Melanie R. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Charles K. · Diulas 8 hari lalu

Bernd B. · Diulas 8 hari lalu

no issues.. sorry

Michelle l. · Diulas 9 hari lalu

YOSHIDA H. · Diulas 9 hari lalu

unable to login using the account

Michelle l. · Diulas 9 hari lalu

Ronald C. · Diulas 11 hari lalu