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Salil M. · 评论大約 9 小時之前

Salil M. · 评论大約 10 小時之前

low time

Mohammad Arshi K. · 评论大約 11 小時之前

Enri P. · 评论大約 11 小時之前

Rachit G. · 评论大約 12 小時之前

hakan ç. · 评论大約 13 小時之前

Anmol C. · 评论大約 13 小時之前

Complete the AI task and I can see the file on the required location, but it kept on telling me that the task is not complete. gs://qwiklabs-gcp-01-e20617bce94d-marking/task4-cnl.result

Nitish S. · 评论大約 13 小時之前

Enri P. · 评论大約 14 小時之前

A lot of trouble getting AI Results to be recognized even though they were in the GCS bucket with the right name.

Peter W. · 评论大約 15 小時之前

Really challenging lab.

Jay G. · 评论大約 15 小時之前

I think there was some issue, I will retake the challenge.

Jay G. · 评论大約 16 小時之前

I think there was some issue, I will retake the challenge.

Jay G. · 评论大約 17 小時之前

the bigquery job was taking an estimated 9 hours to complete?

Ricardo M. · 评论大約 19 小時之前

BHUVAN P. · 评论大約 20 小時之前

BHUVAN P. · 评论大約 24 小時之前

Gnaneshwari M. · 评论大約 24 小時之前

Intresting and good


dataprep loading took ages ~20~30 min. always with error Session ID: 6b1f104d-cc43-4415-8699-ea85c9478ad5 Time: January 15th 2021, 2:30 am +02:00 Account: Google Cloud Project ID: qwiklabs-gcp-03-d42ba9a3be79. getting dissapointed by google cloud products. :( 1h is not enaugh. if you make a mistake, then your done - no time to fix it. pointless lab... pointless lab. managed to try out one more time, but never got last checked, event thow uploaded valid file using LABEL_DETECTION or TEXT_DETECTION. tried 4th time... pointless

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