Exploratory Data Analysis Using AI Platform




Create the AI Platform notebook instance

Run Queries in Jupyter notebook

Run Queries in Bigquery

Execute query in AI Platform to visualize thresholded data

Execute query in Jupyter notebook to derive the probability distribution function from the data itself

Exploratory Data Analysis Using AI Platform

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Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab you will learn the process of analyzing a data set stored in BigQuery using AI Platform to perform queries and present the data using various statistical plotting techniques. The analysis will help you discover patterns in the data that will allow you to predict probable arrival time delays given the initial flight details and actual departure time.

AI Platform is a powerful interactive tool created to explore, analyze, transform and visualize data and build machine learning models on Google Cloud. It runs on Compute Engine and connects to multiple cloud services easily so you can focus on your data science tasks.

BigQuery is a RESTful web service that enables interactive analysis of massively large datasets working in conjunction with Google Storage.

The data set that is used provides historic information about internal flights in the United States retrieved from the US Bureau of Transport Statistics website. This data set can be used to demonstrate a wide range of data science concepts and techniques and will be used in all of the other labs in the Data Science on Google Cloud Quest.

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