Build and Execute MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer to Data Catalog Connectors

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Janice L. · Diulas sekitar 2 jam lalu

Too technical. Was not able to comprehend the rationale for creation and it's use

Khanjan L. · Diulas sekitar 8 jam lalu

Yonghai X. · Diulas sekitar 13 jam lalu

Straight forward, though I need to learn more about data catalog and its benefits.

Henry C. · Diulas sekitar 14 jam lalu

Time was too short. Waiting time on the key account creation was longer than expected

Diego Felipe G. · Diulas sekitar 16 jam lalu

omerf G. · Diulas 1 hari lalu

Kumarkunal K. · Diulas 2 hari lalu

Pallavi S. · Diulas 2 hari lalu

Hasibe G. · Diulas 2 hari lalu

Anil C. · Diulas 2 hari lalu


ASHISH G. · Diulas 2 hari lalu

Samu F. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

Jack D. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

derya u. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

Muhammad E. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

Jazzy B. · Diulas 3 hari lalu

çağatay d. · Diulas 4 hari lalu


kalavathy s. · Diulas 4 hari lalu

Omar A. · Diulas 5 hari lalu

Melanie R. · Diulas 5 hari lalu

There was not enough time allocated for this lap. The instances took too long to create and tear down. I would have liked more time to look at the UI and understand the commands I was running but I felt rushed to get through it since time was running out.

Tabby J. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Emre G. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Mustafa Y. · Diulas 6 hari lalu

Cj L. · Diulas 7 hari lalu

Robert Z. · Diulas 7 hari lalu