Confluent: Developing a Streaming Microservices Application




Enrichment with ksqlDB

Create streams and tables in ksqlDB CLI

Confluent: Developing a Streaming Microservices Application

1시간 30분 크레딧 7개

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Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


This lab is based on a small microservices ecosystem, showcasing an order management workflow, such as one might find in retail and online shopping. It is built using Kafka Streams, whereby business events that describe the order management workflow propagate through this ecosystem. The blog post Building a Microservices Ecosystem with Kafka Streams and ksqlDB outlines the approach used in the lab.


In this lab, you will:

  • Persist events into Kafka by producing records that represent customer orders

  • Write a service that validates customer orders

  • Write a service that joins streaming order information with streaming payment information and data from a customer database

  • Define one set of criteria to filter records in a stream based on some criteria

  • Create a session window to define five-minute windows for processing

  • Create a state store for the Inventory Service

  • Create one persistent query that enriches the orders stream with customer information using a stream-table join

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