Cortex XSOAR Cloud Native Security Automation


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There are too many instances where the behaviour within the tasks where the behaviour differs. Meaning there is a lot of time wasted understanding how to fix the problem that differs from the instructions

Cox Dave · 3日前にレビュー済み

I was unable to start as after starting the lab I was made aware that it was blacklisted by my company's firewall.

Cox Dave · 4日前にレビュー済み

I was unable to start as after starting the lab I was made aware that it was blacklisted by my company's firewall.

Cox Dave · 5日前にレビュー済み

Asif Muhammad · 11日前にレビュー済み

content is good but when I try to upload the licence file it says licence expired. could not move forward from there.

Joshi Varun · 23日前にレビュー済み

Berardi Antonio · 24日前にレビュー済み

I tried to connect my external ip:8083, but it didnt work

___ antti_ · 約1ヶ月前にレビュー済み

disable mail server by mistake everything went off, could not retrieve it that sucks

Daydeem Mercy NDINGA NZIHOU welcome · 約1ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Wijenayake Kalana · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み


Penedos Eduardo · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

failed to completed

Penedos Eduardo · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

The license of XSOAR has expired. It had no effect on completion as the lab was checking the container creation. The download of report was missing due to the expired license.

Ahmed Syed Farooq · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

good lab, but need more time to understand

Dhananjaya Darshan · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Almeida Bruno · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

stuck at the browser

Daydeem Mercy NDINGA NZIHOU welcome · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Ayéchi Christian · 2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Romero Levy Daniel José · 2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Payette Mark · 2ヶ月前にレビュー済み


test1 hooligan · 2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Patil Nikhil Hemant · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Hickey Andrew · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Huang Jiangjun · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Kumar Ashok · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

MIZOBUCHI Takashi · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

I have already reported the issues I faced. I am pretty happy with the content and the level of detail provided in the lab, I know it is not easy to build the content and automate all the steps in the real environment. I think the problem was about the license. I was not able to see the Incident example. The real incident did not happened in Cloud Palo Alto Networks Radar/Containers. But the pod was runnning in my k8s cluster. I think it was because of the license (expired) for XSOAR. Please, I would like to take the lab once this issues are solved, could you please ping me? The course I bough is available until 20th of this month. Thank you. I am grading the course with just one start to call your attention, but it is 5 starts quality when you solve this issues.

López Zaldívar Pablo · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み