Interact with Terraform Modules

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Chris F. · Reviewed 9 gün ago

Good lab but the last section isnt correct. You create a bucket using terraform then in the "Upload files to bucket" section you have us create a (not using terraform) new bucket which hosts the static site. And in the cleanup section gsutil rm -r will not only remove the bucket files but also the bucket itself. So while this technically works its not really letting terraform manage the bucket creation/destruction. I tried uploading the static site to the terraform created bucket and then running terraform destroy but there is a force_destroy variable set to false which prevents it from being deleted. Either way, in troubleshooting this I learned a lot but it prob should be explained or cleaned up in the last section. Thanks!

Joe F. · Reviewed 9 gün ago

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Kaleem G. · Reviewed 9 gün ago

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Duc N. · Reviewed 17 gün ago

to much lag and delay in india

Dia K. · Reviewed 17 gün ago

Very Good Lab

Dev K. · Reviewed 18 gün ago

Mayank J. · Reviewed 19 gün ago

Vladimir O. · Reviewed 19 gün ago

good job r

But I. · Reviewed 21 gün ago

good job r

But I. · Reviewed 21 gün ago

good job

But I. · Reviewed 21 gün ago

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Kevinkumar B. · Reviewed 23 gün ago

Terraform modules are being analyzed with compatible gsutil bucket storage in a region where Java/Spring API can be allocated in a distributed browser session

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