Google Workspace Admin: Getting Started

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Google Workspace Admin: Getting Started

1 hour 5 Credits


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Google Workspace by Google Cloud is your go-to solution for productivity tools. Get more done with seamless collaboration tools, a simple management interface, and enterprise-level security and reliability. Easily add users, manage devices and configure security and settings so your data stays safe.

Centralized administration makes set up and management fast and easy. But access to Google Workspace Administration controls is not commonly available for practice, so in this lab you are provided with an organization "GSuite Labs" and a temporary Google Workspace domain to work in. In the following exercises, you will learn how to personalize your Google Workspace Admin console to suit your needs. You will make some basic modifications to the Admin Console, and then modify the company profile. After, you will provision users both individually and in a batch upload using a .csv file.

What you'll learn

In this lab, you will customize a Google Workspace Admin Console by:

  • Changing your organization's name

  • Entering the correct primary and secondary administrator emails

  • Selecting a default time zone for new users

  • Selecting new user feature release schedule

  • Selecting communication preferences for your domain

  • Adding your company's logo

  • Adding users individually and bulk uploading with a .csv file

  • Logging in as an added user to verify the customization


Familiarity with basic Google Workspace terminology

If you need more help getting through the lab, or want more information on personalization topics, there is extensive documentation online. Refer to the following example help center articles to dive into the full documentation:

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