Configure a Firewall and a Startup Script with Deployment Manager

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lab crashed and lost about 15 minutes of work.

Allen V. · 评论34 分鐘之前

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syamsul h. · 评论大約 2 小時之前

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Yev I. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

good one

Maheswar K. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Shashikant B. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

good one

Maheswar K. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

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Indranil S. · 评论大約 10 小時之前

Juan Manuel T. · 评论大約 10 小時之前

This challenge was very confusing. Partially configured deployment that does not match requirements. Spent over an hour trying to debug why score was not being updated. Then I found out you can actually see what gives scores by clicking score and manually triggering checks. Config has 'http-server' but scoring wants 'http'. Scoring wants embedded startup-script while bucket works just fine (and used in previous challenge)

Timo K. · 评论大約 10 小時之前

I could not connect to the cloud shell.. waited more than an hour for the shell to launch but it did not work. I am parallelly working on other google cloud accounts there all seems to work, but the lab environment shell is not connecting. request to resolve the issue.. my colleagues also saw similar problems with the lab environments

Maheswar K. · 评论大約 10 小時之前

PrasanthReddy B. · 评论大約 12 小時之前

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