Migrating On-premises MySQL Using a Continuous Database Migration Service Job




Create Connection profile for the mysql source instance

Create, run and review the status of a continious job migration

Confirm the data in Cloud SQL for MySQL

Test the continuous migration of data from the source to the destination instance.

Promote Cloud SQL to be the primary instance

Migrating On-premises MySQL Using a Continuous Database Migration Service Job

1 hour 30 minutes 1 Credit


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Database Migration Service provides options for one-time and continuous jobs to migrate data to Cloud SQL using different connectivity options, including IP allowlists, VPC peering, and reverse SSH tunnels (see documentation on connectivity options at

In this lab, you migrate an on-premises MySQL database (running on a virtual machine) to Cloud SQL for MySQL using a continuous Database Migration Service job and VPC peering for connectivity.

After you create and run the migration job, you confirm that an initial copy of your database has been successfully migrated to your Cloud SQL for MySQL instance. You also explore how continuous migration jobs apply data updates from your source database to your Cloud SQL instance. To conclude the migration job, you promote the Cloud SQL instance to be a standalone database for reading and writing data.

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