Streaming HL7 to FHIR Data with Healthcare API


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Tantikul Siwat · 11日前にレビュー済み

Cunha Selistre Bruno · 11日前にレビュー済み

Cunha Selistre Bruno · 11日前にレビュー済み

Too much going in this this and too little time to understand and or debug.

Panjla Prateek · 12日前にレビュー済み

The last step in this lab did not work. Data was not loaded into FHIR store and also did not make it to the BQ

Dogra Sid · 16日前にレビュー済み

prathipati yaswanthkumar · 26日前にレビュー済み

Could not complete testing step - unsure why

Tuliani Raj · 約1ヶ月前にレビュー済み

My lab got stuck in the permissions from the service account of the dataflow pipeline, not being able to access the cloud storage. I was unable to finish the lab because of that. Also the adapter pod was running, checked with the kubectl get pods, redeployed it, but the check from the lab was not verifying it properly. a bit frustrating

Tardivo Filho Mauro · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Jaroszuk Wojciech · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Morris Dave · 約2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

HL7 with FHIR data needs to be applied for distributed Java Spring CLI that can run parallel file type API compatible in a GCP region

Mishra Anshuman · 2ヶ月前にレビュー済み


test1 hooligan · 2ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Datta Chowdhury Abhijit · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Patil Abhishek · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Biswas Prasenjit · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

MIZOBUCHI Takashi · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Jamadagni K R Akshobhya · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

There were problems with this module when I first took it. They fixed it now and it's running fine. Thank you for your help!

Fiacco Jared · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Westfield Alexa · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Keeps failing at "Create GKE Cluster" step

Fiacco Jared · 3ヶ月前にレビュー済み

Bsb Vb · 4ヶ月前にレビュー済み

having trouble with pub/sub

Newhouse Tim · 4ヶ月前にレビュー済み