Scanning User-generated Content Using the Cloud Video Intelligence and Cloud Vision APIs

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Saswat D. · Reviewed 2 days ago

Marwan M. · Reviewed 3 days ago

There’s a typo in one of the flow diagrams. visionIntelligenceAPI should be videoIntelligenceAPI

george k. · Reviewed 3 days ago

Osvaldo B. · Reviewed 4 days ago

Keith L. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Javier P. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Praveen K. · Reviewed 6 days ago

Duc N. · Reviewed 7 days ago

SREERAM T. · Reviewed 8 days ago

pushkala j. · Reviewed 8 days ago

rohit b. · Reviewed 9 days ago

rohit b. · Reviewed 9 days ago

Ahmed J. · Reviewed 9 days ago

rohit b. · Reviewed 9 days ago

Maria C. · Reviewed 9 days ago


Tuấn Đ. · Reviewed 10 days ago

swetha r. · Reviewed 10 days ago

Bart d. · Reviewed 11 days ago


Michel-Hugues M. · Reviewed 11 days ago

Anh N. · Reviewed 11 days ago

Kibo R. · Reviewed 12 days ago

Bart d. · Reviewed 12 days ago

Thuan N. · Reviewed 12 days ago

It's a very very interesting use-case and the material is very well prepared, however, I feell that there are some gaps in the explanations related to pubsub and also to the code structure (not the code itself) and how it is deployed to cloud functions, which information is passed between each stage, etc.

Ricardo G. · Reviewed 13 days ago

Karthikeya R. · Reviewed 13 days ago