Creating Measures and Dimensions Using LookML

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good practice

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7/18/21 Great lab! Clear instructions, easy to follow along. I appreciate the thorough explanation throughout the walkthrough. Feedback: * Did not see the warnings for Can't connect to remote Git service. * In Creating dimensions, step 11. The top right is missing the `Validate` button but only shows the `Commit Changes & Push` button. However, there is one under Develop > Content Validator > Validate. Without the Validate step, I did not encounter any issues with proceeding onto the next step: Explore Order Items ran successfully without an error. * I like the SQL tab. It's so useful for learners to help us understand the equivalent standard SQL codes for the output. * I appreciate the hyperlink references for dimension types and measure types documentation. Improvement / my wishlist: * Auto-fill username and password like in several other Qwiklabs (I think it's new feature from an update released earlier this year). * Measure type (sum, avg, ...) is case sensitive and must be lower-case. And, I learned something new about the content too: percentage from sales email source was higher than I expected at ~3%

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