Hybrid Storage and Data Migration with AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway

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Hybrid Storage and Data Migration with AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway

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SPL-223 - Version 1.0.10

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Lab overview

With AWS Storage Gateway, you can connect an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to provide a seamless and secure integration between your on-premises IT environment and AWS's storage infrastructure. For instance, you could securely upload data currently stored on-premises to the AWS cloud for cost effective backup and rapid disaster recovery.

The AWS Storage Gateway service is ideal for hybrid deployments and migration solutions looking to bridge traditional on-premises servers and storage protocols with cloud native services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). Customers can connect to AWS Storage Gateway in a number ways, such as file-based access, block level access, and virtual tape access.

In this lab, you use the File Gateway service to attach an NFS mount to an on-premises data store and replicate that data to an Amazon S3 bucket. Additionally, you configure advanced Amazon S3 features: S3 Lifecycle Policies and Cross-Region Replication (CRR).

This lab is spread over three regions representing the on-premises data center, the backup region where the File Gateway runs, and a third region that is used for S3 CRR allowing the data stored in the backup region to be replicated securely to a region closer to another set of customers.

Topics covered

By the end of this lab, you will know how to:

  • Configure an AWS Storage Gateway file gateway with an NFS file share and attach it to a Linux instance.
  • Migrate a set of data from the Linux instance to an S3 bucket.
  • Create and configure a primary S3 bucket to migrate on-premises server data to.
  • Create and configure a secondary S3 bucket to use for Cross-Region Replication.
  • Create an S3 replication policy to automatically replicate data from an S3 bucket to another S3 bucket in a separate region.

Technical knowledge prerequisites

To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with basic navigation of the AWS Management Console and be comfortable with basic Linux CLI commands.

Start Lab

  1. At the top of your screen, launch your lab by choosing Start Lab

This starts the process of provisioning your lab resources. An estimated amount of time to provision your lab resources is displayed. You must wait for your resources to be provisioned before continuing.

If you are prompted for a token, use the one distributed to you (or credits you have purchased).

  1. Open your lab by choosing Open Console

This automatically logs you in to the AWS Management Console.

Do not change the Region unless instructed.

Common Login Errors

Error: Federated login credentials

If you see this message:

  • Close the browser tab to return to your initial lab window
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Choose Open Console again

You should now be able to access the AWS Management Console.

Error: You must first log out

If you see the message, You must first log out before logging into a different AWS account:

  • Choose click here
  • Close your browser tab to return to your initial lab window
  • Choose Open Console again

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