Configuring Network Connectivity Center as a Transit Hub




Create vpc-transit network

Create remote branch office VPCs namely vpc-a and vpc-b

Create Cloud routers and HA VPN gateways

Create a pair of VPN tunnels between vpc-transit to vpc-a and vpc-b

Create NCC hub resources and attach the HA VPNs as spokes

Create VMs in the remote branch office VPCs

Configuring Network Connectivity Center as a Transit Hub

1 ora 30 minuti 7 crediti


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Network Connectivity Center (NCC) enables connecting different enterprise networks together that are outside of Google Cloud by leveraging Google's network—providing enterprises instant access to planet-scale reach and high reliability. Traffic between non-Google networks is referred to as data transfer traffic, which can occur using existing standard cloud hybrid connectivity resources such as Cloud VPN, Dedicated or Partner Interconnect.

In this lab, you will go through the process of setting up NCC as a transit hub to route traffic between two non-Google networks using Google's backbone network.

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