Advanced Amazon Redshift: Table Layout and Schema Design

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くりす F. · Reviewed 7 hari ago

This was a good lab with the exception of the long wait times at several points within the lab (the table loads from S3). It makes you rush through it because that eats up a good 40 minutes or so of lab time, and it would be nice to be able to really study the queries and results.

Douglas K. · Reviewed 8 hari ago

Rahul K. · Reviewed 9 hari ago

driver didn't work

Jeff S. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Queries took longer time than planned. Unable to complete the entire lab exercise

Yuvaraj M. · Reviewed 11 hari ago

Konstantin K. · Reviewed 11 hari ago

George O. · Reviewed 11 hari ago

Yadgiri P. · Reviewed 12 hari ago

Muta S. · Reviewed 15 hari ago


Ujjwal G. · Reviewed 15 hari ago

Arasu B. · Reviewed 15 hari ago

Martha B. · Reviewed 20 hari ago

Praveen S. · Reviewed 20 hari ago

oscar t. · Reviewed 20 hari ago

Some comparisons do not match with the documentation. I thought that might be because the compression encodings change by time since the lab documentation is last updated

Eralper Y. · Reviewed 21 hari ago

Nick S. · Reviewed 22 hari ago

Леонид Н. · Reviewed 24 hari ago

revanth reddy t. · Reviewed 25 hari ago

comonapi d. · Reviewed 25 hari ago

Sindhu I. · Reviewed 25 hari ago

丈也 五. · Reviewed 26 hari ago

YongDae K. · Reviewed 28 hari ago

YongDae K. · Reviewed 30 hari ago

Felt like there should have been a lot more interaction and information provided about what was happening in Tasks 5-7.

Morgan H. · Reviewed sekitar 1 bulan ago

The Lab was good except that data loading took 40 minutes. 10 minutes for each large set (4 total). I did not mind the wait but it really cut the lab time close. I had a very short time left to run the queries in part 7. I think the LAB needs another 15 minutes to be safe.

Chris R. · Reviewed sekitar 1 bulan ago