Advanced Amazon Redshift: Performance Tuning

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The Windows EC2 didn't have pip installed along with python 2.7.6 (there was no Scripts directory when doing step 45). I had to download and install pip manually so I could install the python modules.

Tim C. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Problem with getting Python running. Logged as ticket by AWS T&C team.

Chris S. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Jeroen M. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Arun K. · Reviewed 4 months ago


This lab is full of inaccuracies 1) No C:\Python27\scripts 2) Downloaded via (had to troubleshoot) 3) 2nd Explain plan does not match what is shown in the docs 4) Show the create SQL for the tables so that we know the distribution ond order keys 5) This took less than a minute with no modifications: C:\Python27>python.exe --db redshiftdemo --db-user awsuser --db-host --db-port 5439 --analyze-schema public --target-schema public --output-file output.txt --do-execute true Password <awsuser>: -- [2672] Connected to as awsuser -- [2672] Analyzing Schema 'public' for Columnar Encoding Optimisations with 1 Threads... -- [2672] Recommended encoding changes will be applied automatically... -- [2672] Extracting Candidate Table List... -- [2672] Analyzing 7 table(s) which contain allocated data blocks -- [2672] Table region contains 3 unoptimised columns -- [2672] Analyzing Table 'region' -- [2672] Column Encoding resulted in an identical table - no changes will be made -- [2672] Table nation contains 4 unoptimised columns -- [2672] Analyzing Table 'nation' -- [2672] Column Encoding resulted in an identical table - no changes will be made -- [2672] Table customer does not require encoding optimisation -- [2672] Table orders_nodist does not require encoding optimisation -- [2672] Table orders_dist does not require encoding optimisation -- [2672] Table lineitem_nodist does not require encoding optimisation -- [2672] Table lineitem_dist does not require encoding optimisation -- [2672] Performed modification of 0 tables C:\Python27> Due to the inaccurate documentation, rushed through the lab without digesting as much as I had hoped. I hope my assessment helps the lab preparer and fixing the issues. This lab is very important for the success of this course. This lab could use some more time. Maybe, break it into 2 labs. Thanks for listening to me!

pauly l. · Reviewed 4 months ago


The information was wrong or out of date. The instances were too slow to finish in one sitting and the differences between the distributions were not explained. This should be expanded into two labs and larger VMs need to be used.

Chad D. · Reviewed 4 months ago


pip wasn't available and \Python27\Scripts was missing

Barret N. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Needs more time

Todd M. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Bruce L. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Steven P. · Reviewed 4 months ago


Due to no Python/Scripts folder, I couldn't install Python compression function and couldn't execute compression parts.

Taguchi G. · Reviewed 4 months ago


pierre m. · Reviewed 4 months ago


pip instructions do not work. I had to install pip manually.

Oscar H. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Javier C. · Reviewed 5 months ago



han c. · Reviewed 5 months ago


barely enough time to finish.

Yong R. · Reviewed 5 months ago


console won't open.

Yong R. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Mani V. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Summary: not good and dissappointed. Two parts of the lab confused me and drained a lot of my lab time. The first, which drained the most time, was the switch from the Python27 command line tasks to editing the doc. You should make it much more explicit that you are switching to the remote desktop C drive not just assume "C:>Python27" will be understood by all. I was confused for a while and got frustrated. I thought I was opening a Python27 folder using the command prompt. Please make this clearer. The second drain on time came from some syntax issue copying the Redshift endpoint in I missed the inverted commas, but at no point in your notes did you mention the inverted commas. Please amend your texts. Regards, Stuart

Stuart D. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Execution plan explanation does not match with the actual query/plan. After WLM reboot, unable to run queries through Worbench.

Quentin R. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Mohammed A. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Joshua M. · Reviewed 5 months ago


Ridge X. · Reviewed 5 months ago


David K. · Reviewed 5 months ago


good lab

Derek H. · Reviewed 5 months ago