Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Qwik Start - Python

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Qwik Start - Python

30 minutes 1 Credit


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


The Google Cloud Pub/Sub service allows applications to exchange messages reliably, quickly, and asynchronously. To accomplish this, a data producer publishes messages to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. A subscriber client then creates a subscription to that topic and consumes messages from the subscription. Cloud Pub/Sub persists messages that could not be delivered reliably for up to seven days.

In this lab you will learn how to get started publishing messages with Cloud Pub/Sub using the Python client library.

What you'll do

In this lab, you'll do the following:

  • Learn the basics of Pub/Sub.
  • Create and list a Pub/Sub topic.
  • Create and list a Pub/Sub subscription.
  • Publish messages to a topic.
  • Use a pull subscriber to output individual topic messages.

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