Deploy an ASP.NET Core App to App Engine

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.net version required is 2.1 but 3.0 gets installed

Ankitkumar J. · Reviewed 11 Minuten ago

David L. · Reviewed etwa 4 Stunden ago

Chen Z. · Reviewed etwa 16 Stunden ago

I had this error - "It was not possible to find any compatible framework version The specified framework 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.App', version '3.0.0' was not found."

Jyoti A. · Reviewed etwa 21 Stunden ago


Aaryan C. · Reviewed ein Tag ago

Rajkumar Y. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Pragith P. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Vignesh P. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Alessandro S. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Nicky H. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Iskandar Herputra W. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Benyamin B. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Albert A. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Salim H. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

The lab has .net version 3.0 installed. But when the .net core app is deployed to app engine it complains that it only has version 2.1 and does not support .net core version 3.0. Due to this lab my 21 credit points got wasted.

Prabhat S. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

KUMAR R. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

Need to update instructions to use newer aspnetcore directory path (3.x v 2.x)

Patrick S. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

Philippe S. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

The app couldn't be deployed because the GCP had dotnet version 3.0.1 while the manual was using dotnet 2.1. Trying to adjust the version number difference in the configuration files didn't help.

Muhammad Riaz U. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Duc N. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

ABHISHEK K. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

Good lab

Bhushan B. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

Emahkeme A. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

JEETPAL M. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

Ankitkumar J. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago