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Once again, instructions are incomplete. This time the command gcloud iot devices create my-device --region=us-central1 --registry=iot-registry --public-key path=rsa_public.pem,type=rs256f results in an invalid key type error. Is this a way to get learners to pay twice (or more)? I solved the issue after researching your documentation. There is a type (actually an extra character, an 'f') in the command in the instructions.

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Could not resolve errors at last stage: 'RuntimeError: Could not connect to MQTT bridge' & 'Disconnected: 1: Out of memory'

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type=rs256f should be type=rs256 and my-device will already exist when asked to create it in console.

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could have replace the project id in the code snippets with a variable.

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last part did not seem to work. 2nd try indent error.

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