Simulating a Data Warehouse in the Cloud Using BigQuery and Dataflow


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George T. · 评论大约 12 小时之前

NIZAMUDDIN G. · 评论6 天之前

Ricardo C. · 评论19 天之前

The scripts are outdated...

Gabriel Q. · 评论20 天之前

Could not complete. The `pip` versions appear to be off. I had to make multiple changes to the `requirements.txt` but never got the python scripts to work correctly.

David E. · 评论20 天之前

Python library doesn't work.

Zaeth Z. · 评论29 天之前

error in pin

PoCGCP2019 G. · 评论29 天之前

don´t work some package of jupyter 2.7

andrea h. · 评论29 天之前

Andreas R. · 评论29 天之前

Raul G. · 评论29 天之前

spent the time fixing requirements.txt (add faker, faker-schema, unfix google-cloud-storage), activate env needs to be done too, and waiting for the dataflow jobs to fail so we can see what else is missing, ran out of time.

Laurentiu B. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

Chris F. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

Serene K. · 评论大约 2 个月之前

The lab needs to be updated according to most recent releases

Angel D. · 评论2 个月之前

There is a bug adding the software components, some dependencies errors

William A. P. · 评论3 个月之前

Rama Deepti M. · 评论3 个月之前

not satisfactory

Lakshmi Madhuri S. · 评论3 个月之前

James O. · 评论3 个月之前

Lab had errors. So redoing.

Sreekanth K. · 评论3 个月之前

Eric T. · 评论4 个月之前

Mukesh G. · 评论4 个月之前

Mukesh G. · 评论4 个月之前

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Borja F. · 评论4 个月之前


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