Cloud Composer: Copying BigQuery Tables Across Different Locations

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Sharat S. · Reviewed 3 أيام ago

Time was short, unable to see the trips_2014 and trips_2015 tables under the dataset nyc_tlc_EU. Also nothing was in the destination bucket 914577231407-eu. Videos explaining the concepts and theory along with text will much more beneficial.

Usman S. · Reviewed 3 أيام ago

Victor B. · Reviewed 3 أيام ago

Obula I. · Reviewed 4 أيام ago

Yusuf M. · Reviewed 5 أيام ago

Startup time is too long for 60 minutes over all

Michael Z. · Reviewed 5 أيام ago

1 hour is less

Satish S. · Reviewed 5 أيام ago

Kunal V. · Reviewed 5 أيام ago

Abhishek T. · Reviewed 5 أيام ago