Big Data Analysis to a Slide Presentation




Query BigQuery and log results to Sheet

Big Data Analysis to a Slide Presentation

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There are many tools out there for data scientists to analyze big data, but which of those tools can help you explain and justify your analysis to management and stakeholders? Raw numbers on paper or in a database will hardly do. This Google Apps Script lab leverages two Google developer platforms, Workspace and Google Cloud, to help you complete that final mile.

With Google Cloud developer tools, you can gather and crunch your data, then generate a slide and spreadsheet presentation to blow away management and stakeholders with your breathtaking analysis and insightful takeaways.

This lab covers Google Cloud's BigQuery API (as an Apps Script advanced service) and the built-in Apps Script services for Google Sheets and Google Slides.

The lab also sets up a scenario that closely resembles real life. The app used showcases features and APIs from across Google Cloud. The goal is to demonstrate how you can leverage both Google Cloud and Workspace to solve challenging problems for your organization or your customers.

What you'll learn

  • How to use Google Apps Script with multiple Google services

  • How to use BigQuery to perform a big data analysis

  • How to create a Google Sheet and populate data into it, as well as how to create a chart with spreadsheet data

  • How to transfer the spreadsheet chart and data into separate slides of a Google Slides presentation

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