Probleme mit der Zuverlässigkeit von Websites mit Cloud Monitoring APM beheben

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It's a great lab. Excellent!

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Much more progress this time around but unable to finish the the whole task. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks QWiklabs management.

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The lab is full of errors! I do everything following the instructions and nothing goes the way it should. mainly in the part of creating the metric.

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A lot of content and the first lab that took up most of my time, so I appreciate that. It feels like the quality of the lab is inconsistent at times and the structure is very different from other Quiklabs. When suggesting to modify files to skaffold, the author doesn't mention opening it in editor mode at first. Other labs would simply sed swap some values for others. As of Aug 1, 2021 the initial deployment of the application was bordering, and sometimes surpassing, the 500ms latency SLI we set up without having to make the "breaking change". When setting up the policies for alerts, in general I felt like I was simply following along rather than understanding why we were doing things. The section on Cloud Debugger was very cool, but I was curious how it knew that Cloud Repository's code was related to our app. Do we need to use Cloud Source Repository? Perhaps breaking up this lab into 2 and going into more detail each would be beneficial, but overall I really enjoyed what was being introduced.

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Few times I get lost, the instruction should contain more detailed information to navigate into seek options

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