Continuous Delivery Pipelines with Spinnaker and Kubernetes Engine

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Continuous Delivery Pipelines with Spinnaker and Kubernetes Engine

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Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs

This hands-on lab shows you how to create a continuous delivery pipeline using Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Source Repositories, Google Cloud Container Builder, and Spinnaker. After you create a sample application, you configure these services to automatically build, test, and deploy it. When you modify the application code, the changes trigger the continuous delivery pipeline to automatically rebuild, retest, and redeploy the new version.


  • Set up your environment by launching Google Cloud Shell, creating a Kubernetes Engine cluster, and configuring your identity and user management scheme.

  • Download a sample application, create a Git repository then upload it to a Google Cloud Source Repository.

  • Deploy Spinnaker to Kubernetes Engine using Helm.

  • Build your Docker image.

  • Create triggers to create Docker images when your application changes.

  • Configure a Spinnaker pipeline to reliably and continuously deploy your application to Kubernetes Engine.

  • Deploy a code change, triggering the pipeline, and watch it roll out to production.

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