Getting Started with Cloud Shell & gcloud




Create a virtual machine with gcloud

Getting Started with Cloud Shell & gcloud

45 分钟 1 个积分


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Google Cloud Shell provides you with gcloud command-line access to computing resources hosted on the Google Cloud. Cloud Shell is a Debian-based virtual machine with a persistent 5GB home directory, which makes it easy for you to manage your Google Cloud projects and resources. The Cloud SDK gcloud and other utilities you need come pre-installed in Cloud Shell, which allows you to get up and running quickly.

In this hands-on lab you will learn how to connect to computing resources hosted on the Google Cloud via Cloud Shell with the gcloud command-line.

Students are encouraged to type the commands themselves, which reinforces the core concepts. Many labs will include a code block that contains the required commands. You can easily copy and paste the commands from the code block into the appropriate places during the lab.

What you'll do

  • Practice using gcloud commands.
  • Connect to compute services hosted on the Google Cloud.


  • Familiarity with standard Linux text editors such as vim, emacs, or nano.

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  • 获取对“Google Cloud Console”的临时访问权限。
  • 200 多项实验,从入门级实验到高级实验,应有尽有。
  • 内容短小精悍,便于您按照自己的节奏进行学习。