Analyzing Natality Data Using AI Platform and BigQuery




Invoke bigquery and run a query.

Create AI Platform Notebooks instance.

Run a query to get annual count of plural births by plurality

Run a query to get baby weight by gender

Run a query to get the weight of the baby which relates to the number of weeks of gestation.

Analyzing Natality Data Using AI Platform and BigQuery

30 分钟 7 个积分


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab, you analyze a large (137 million rows) natality dataset using BigQuery and AI Platform.

What you learn

In this lab, you:

  • Launch AI Platform notebook
  • Invoke a BigQuery query
  • Create charts in Jupyter
  • Export data for machine learning

This lab illustrates how you can carry out data exploration of large datasets, but continue to use familiar tools like Pandas and Jupyter. The trick is to do the first part of your aggregation in BigQuery, get back a Pandas DataFrame, then work with the smaller Pandas DataFrame locally. AI Platform provides a managed Jupyter experience, so you don't need to run notebook servers yourself.

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