Créer un pipeline d'analyse de données IoT sur Google Cloud Platform

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Abhishek J. · Reviewed environ 2 heures ago

pip should use user directory install which is now the preferred method at Google. Teach good habits early.

Graeme M. · Reviewed environ 4 heures ago

Thuan N. · Reviewed environ 8 heures ago

Venkateswarlu V. · Reviewed environ 9 heures ago

OMAR A. · Reviewed environ 12 heures ago

Sina A. · Reviewed environ 16 heures ago

André L. · Reviewed environ 17 heures ago

I got full points, but there was a problem in the pipeline and I didn't know how to debug it. You could see part of the pipeline getting data, but at the task "Streaming Inserts", output collections didn't have any size. The logs were not loading (no error, just endlessly loading without showing anything). As a result there was nothing arriving to BQ tables :/

Kristina R. · Reviewed environ 17 heures ago

Diego T. · Reviewed environ 18 heures ago

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yasmine c. · Reviewed environ 20 heures ago

SPANDAN R. · Reviewed environ 21 heures ago

Michel Antonio M. · Reviewed environ 21 heures ago

Arkadip B. · Reviewed environ 22 heures ago

The content is really interesting and useful. The only comment I have is the configuration of the VM. IMHO the commands in there to reinstall gcloud, install pip, and python modules, etc. is not really useful for the goals of the lab. My suggestion is to script all the steps and provide an explanation of why we need to run it, then run it in batch and be done with it. Good job guys, QL is great! RMG

Rafael M. · Reviewed environ 23 heures ago

MAHESH K. · Reviewed environ 23 heures ago

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Max L. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

I like it

Michelle B. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

MORGAN N. · Reviewed 1 jour ago