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Lots of errors in the execution of the cells in the notebook.

Criscente Erion · 19分前にレビュー済み

very hard

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Awasthi Piyush · 約2時間前にレビュー済み

I feel it's too advanced to be the first lab. And I didn't do anything myself apart from running code snippest.

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I understand how to prepare the data, train a model, deploy the model and predict.

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ERROR: ( FAILED_PRECONDITION: Framework can not be identified from model path.

Rady Mohamed · 約7時間前にレビュー済み

I learn how to use AI Platform well. However, I cannot complete the tasks because I cannot use cloud storage in free account so the tasks cannot be finished.

山口 敏弘 · 約7時間前にレビュー済み

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