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Anusha G. · 评论大約一小時之前

NAMAN A. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

Shubham B. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

Error in early step, had to stop.

Bob K. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Zero stars if I could, this lab uses various modules that are not supported in TF2.0 such as `tf.logging` - I am extremely displeased with this lab.

Ciaran H. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

life w. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

not at all satisfied

Anupriya A. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Shubham B. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

lab fails on the "install tensorflow" and "install dependencies" - hence, it cannot be completed.

Cato F. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

its being difficult to run some of the commands and some commands give errors which are not mentioned in this course

shashank n. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

issues in the scripts

Roman J. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Mohammed J. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Shubham B. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Shubham B. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

very unsatisfied the instruction commands generated a lot of errors which left me unable to complete the task

Ganesha k. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

ANKIT K. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Shubham B. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

vaishnavi n. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

Kiattipong S. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

Ran the training job and it failed to execute, which is curious given that I simply duplicated the code by clicking on the icon...

Scott H. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

ANKIT K. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

Sahil T. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

It was really a good experience of tensorflow as well as AI with GCP. Thank You.

Priyotosh S. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

Mohammed J. · 评论大約 9 小時之前

Vishesh S. · 评论大約 9 小時之前