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Tarek Abdulkader A. · 약 6시간전에 리뷰됨

shakthi b. · 약 8시간전에 리뷰됨

Good intro to DataPrep which highlighted its style well, my datasets seemed different from those pictured in the tutorial thouh which mad eit harder. Might have been user error but would be nice to have a check to make sure I know where I went wrong.

Max L. · 약 8시간전에 리뷰됨

muhammed s. · 약 8시간전에 리뷰됨

Syed Shahzeb K. · 약 8시간전에 리뷰됨

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Emanuel Tri I. · 1일전에 리뷰됨

Su Y. · 1일전에 리뷰됨

Paul K. · 1일전에 리뷰됨

More information on the dataset is needed

Rami A. · 2일전에 리뷰됨

good content

Amine M. · 2일전에 리뷰됨

Ryaas I. · 2일전에 리뷰됨

To clicky

Arnau P. · 2일전에 리뷰됨

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