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Hung N. · Reviewed 24 minutes ago

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Very Good

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MUSTAPHAAMINE D. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

good intro to Dataflow

Jonathan C. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Mohamed B. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

bit easy

Abhey S. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Salahuddin H. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Pranove A. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

venkatesh m. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Query returned rows only when time has ended. Need to stop job?

Suharto A. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Rijuvan A. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Hiếu Đ. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

Here are are few suggestions about the content. 1. Creating the data set using the command 'bq mk taxirides' returned an error 'invalid identifier 'taxirides' for mk' 2. It would help to have more explanation about the configuration in the section 'Run the Pipeline'. After I ran the job, the logs returned errors and I did not see the 'realtime' sub component under the 'taxirides' (section Test Completed Task). I didn't have enough information to figure out what I did wrong in the configuration.

Darion L. · Reviewed 3 jours ago