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Gonzalo B. · 약 11시간전에 리뷰됨

when I tried to create a cluster an error keep showing up so I couldn't complete the lab. the error is the following: Multiple validation errors: - Insufficient 'CPUS' quota. Requested 12.0, available 5.0. - Insufficient 'CPUS_ALL_REGIONS' quota. Requested 12.0, available 9.0. - Insufficient 'DISKS_TOTAL_GB' quota. Requested 1500.0, available 548.0. - Insufficient 'IN_USE_ADDRESSES' quota. Requested 3.0, available 1.0. - This request exceeds CPU quota. Some things to try: request fewer workers (a minimum of 2 is required), use smaller master and/or worker machine types (such as n1-standard-2).

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