Using BigQuery and Stackdriver to Analyze BigQuery Usage

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This was nice!

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The most important query to pull the logs did not work even after making changes to the GCP Project ID as suggested. CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW bq_logs.v_querylogs AS SELECT resource.labels.project_id, protopayload_auditlog.authenticationInfo.principalEmail, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobConfiguration.query.query, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobConfiguration.query.statementType, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatus.error.message, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.startTime, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.endTime, TIMESTAMP_DIFF(protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.endTime, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.startTime, MILLISECOND)/1000 AS run_seconds, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.totalProcessedBytes, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.totalSlotMs, ARRAY(SELECT as STRUCT datasetid, tableId FROM UNNEST(protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.referencedTables)) as tables_ref, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.totalTablesProcessed, protopayload_auditlog.servicedata_v1_bigquery.jobCompletedEvent.job.jobStatistics.queryOutputRowCount, severity FROM `<YOUR-PROJECT-ID>.bq_logs.cloudaudit_googleapis_com_data_access_*` ORDER BY startTime

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