VPC Networking: Cloud HA-VPN

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VPC Networking: Cloud HA-VPN

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HA-VPN is IPSec VPN solution to enable secure connectivity between your on-premise network to your Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network through an IPSec VPN connection with 99.99% service availability at GA. HA-VPN is a regional per VPC VPN solution. HA-VPN gateways have two interfaces, each with their own public IP address. When you create a HA-VPN gateway, two public IP addresses are automatically chosen from different address pools. When HA-VPN is configured with two tunnels, Cloud VPN offers a 99.99% service availability uptime.

What you'll learn

  • How to configure high availability ha-vpn gateways
  • How to configure dynamic routing with vpn tunnels
  • How to configure global dynamic routing mode
  • How to verify high availability ha-vpn gateways


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