Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)


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It would be highly recommended to have a little section that specifies where to get Putty (not high on my list) and how to copy/paste into the console (Would highly recommend since I was new and wasted time trying to figure out how to paste - a simple right click to paste what's on your clipboard isn't hard). In addition, what to do when PuTTy timesout? Do I reconfigure the entire thing or is it safe to assume that I can resume continuing where I left off? I made the assumption after the second time that I didn't have to re-configure since the command line instance was on and it turned out to be the correct guess but other people might lose their shit and not know what to do and feel lost. If you're goal is to properly educate eliminating sources of confusion should be the first priority and this is a glaring issue. If I didn't read through the entire lab and go over everything point by point and look up what putty was and how to use it I would have rated this 1 or 0 stars for the added PuTTy confusion - granted no its not difficult but i'd imagine newer people with no tech experience would be utterly lost.

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