Working with AWS CodeCommit

Working with AWS CodeCommit

1 hour 8 Credits

SPL-33 Version 2.0.3


AWS CodeCommit is a highly scalable, managed source control service that hosts private Git repositories. CodeCommit stores your data in Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB giving your repositories high scalability, availability, and durability. You simply create a repository to store your code. There is no hardware to provision and scale or software to install, configure, and operate.

This hands-on lab gives you practice with AWS CodeCommit, part of AWS Developer Tools. In this lab, you will first create a code repository in AWS CodeCommit. Then you will create a local repository on a Linux instance running in EC2. After you create the local repo, you will make some changes to it. Then you will synchronize (commit) your changes to the AWS CodeCommit repository.

Topics covered

This lab demonstrates how to:

  • Create a code repository using AWS CodeCommit via the Amazon Management Console
  • Create a local code repository on the Linux instance using git
  • Synchronize a local repository with an AWS CodeCommit repository


Students should have some development experience and understand the principles of source code repositories, and has some prior development experience. Students should be comfortable with making SSH connections to instances running in Amazon EC2, and using Linux commands and editors from the command line in Linux. Students should have taken at a minimum Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) prior to taking this lab.

Task 1: Create an AWS CodeCommit Repository

To get started creating your first AWS CodeCommit Repository, you will access AWS CodeCommit in the AWS management console.

  1. In the AWS Management Console, on the Services menu, click CodeCommit.

  2. Click Get Started

If a Dashboard page appears instead of the welcome page, click Create repository.

  1. On the Create repository page, configure:
  • Repository name:
  • Description:
  • Click Create

An empty repository called My-Repo will be created in AWS CodeCommit. Connection details will be displayed.

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