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  • Manage Containerized Apps with Kubernetes Engine
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Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start


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Google Kubernetes Engine provides a managed environment for deploying, managing, and scaling your containerized applications using Google infrastructure. The environment Kubernetes Engine consists of multiple machines (specifically, Google Compute Engine instances) grouped together to form a container cluster.

Cluster orchestration with Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Engine clusters are powered by the Kubernetes open source cluster management system. Kubernetes provides the mechanisms through which you interact with your container cluster. You use Kubernetes commands and resources to deploy and manage your applications, perform administration tasks and set policies, and monitor the health of your deployed workloads.

Kubernetes draws on the same design principles that run popular Google services and provides the same benefits: automatic management, monitoring and liveness probes for application containers, automatic scaling, rolling updates, and more. When you run your applications on a container cluster, you're using technology based on Google's 10+ years of experience running production workloads in containers.

Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform

When you run a Kubernetes Engine cluster, you also gain the benefit of advanced cluster management features that Google Cloud Platform provides. These include:

This hands-on lab shows you how deploy a containerized application with Kubernetes Engine.

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Creating a Kubernetes Engine cluster

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Create a new Deployment - hello-server

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Create a Kubernetes Service

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