Creating with Google Maps

Advanced ステップ: 5 5時間 クレジット: 31

In this quest you will use several tools available in Google Cloud to manipulate data and create a Google Map - map location details to find subway stations or a business; use geocoding and Apps Script to send an email of a map; visualize data on a customized map; and build a server-side proxy to create a map on a mobile device.

Quest Outline


Google Apps Script: コード 4 行で Google スプレッドシート、Google マップ、Gmail にアクセスする

このラボでは、ウェブ開発言語の中でも主流の JavaScript でコードを記述して、Google のデベロッパー テクノロジーを簡単に利用する方法について説明します。

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Use Google Maps API to Visualize BigQuery Geospatial Data

In this lab you will use the Google Maps Platform to visualize taxi drop off locations in 2016 from journeys that started from the block around the Empire State building. The data is stored in a Google BigQuery public dataset.


Build a Nearby Business Search Service with Google Maps Platform


Google Maps Web Services Proxy for Mobile Applications

In this lab, you'll build a Google App Engine proxy for the Google Places API web service.


Mapping the NYC Subway

In this lab you’ll build a store locator web application for the NYC (New York City) Subway Station data set and create a scalable map of the stations.