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Apigee Edge is Google Cloud's full lifecycle API management platform, that helps enterprises with various aspects of exposure, consumption, productization, and monetization of their APIs. As enterprises build connected experiences, or plan to modernize their existing backed apps, APIs and API Management plays a crucial part. In this Quest you will explore more advanced API Management usecases for application modernization and practice using the Apigee Edge platform. If you don't have hands-on experience with Apigee, it is recommended that you to go through the labs in Apigee Basic before starting this Quest.

Quest Outline

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Content Aggregation via Apigee - Bring in Google Hosted API Content

In this lab you learn how to leverage Apigee to aggregate content coming from multiple sources using an API running on Apigee Edge. You enhance the APIs response by adding product recommendations that are sourced from a Firestore database running on Google Cloud.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Security Mediation with IAM Service Accounts and OAuth

In this lab you will learn how to leverage Apigee Edge to integrate with Google Cloud Platform’s IAM to generate Google OAuth access tokens, and use those tokens to fetch backend resources while enforcing authorization.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Conditional Routing of APIs Based on Feature Flag

In this lab you will learn how to leverage Apigee to transparently migrate application traffic from legacy backends to GCP-backed systems.

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Praxisorientiertes Lab

Embedding Apigee into a CI/CD Lifecycle

This lab teaches you how to use an automated deployment pipeline for Apigee API proxies. You establish the setup of the git repository containing the API proxy configuration and the deployment script, which promotes the API from test to prod.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Enforcing API Management with Istio Service Mesh

This lab shows you how to install and configure Istio on Kubernetes Engine, deploy an Istio-enabled multi-service application, and install the Apigee Istio Mixer adapter.

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