Build Apps & Websites with Firebase

Fundamental Kroki: 4 4 godz. Punkty: 20

Firebase is a backend-as-service (Bass) platform for creating mobile and web applications. In this quest you will learn to build serverless web apps, import data into a serverless database, and build a Google Assistant application with Firebase and its Google Cloud integrations. Looking for a hands on challenge lab to demonstrate your skills and validate your knowledge? On completing this quest, enroll in and finish the additional challenge lab at the end of this quest to receive an exclusive Google Cloud digital badge.

Quest Outline


Importing Data to a Firestore Database

In this lab you will upload existing data (a CSV file) to a Firestore serverless database in the cloud.

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Build a Serverless Web App with Firebase

In this lab you will create a serverless web app with Firebase, which allows users to upload information and make appointments with the fictional Pet Theory clinic.

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Deploy a Hugo Website with Cloud Build and Firebase Pipeline

In this lab you will learn how to deploy a static Hugo based website using Cloud Build and Firebase.

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Asystent Google: tworzenie aplikacji przy użyciu usług Dialogflow i Cloud Functions

W tym module utworzysz aplikację Asystenta Google przy użyciu Dialogflow i Cloud Functions dla Firebase.

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