Networking in Google Cloud

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Networking is a principle theme of cloud computing. It’s the underlying structure of Google Cloud, and it’s what connects all your resources and services to one another. This fundamental-level quest will cover essential Google CLoud networking services and will give you hands-on practice with specialized tools for developing mature networks. From learning the ins-and-outs of VPCs, to creating enterprise-grade load balancers, Networking in the Google Cloud will give you the practical experience needed so you can start building robust networks right away. Looking for a hands on challenge lab to demonstrate your skills and validate your knowledge? On completing this quest, enroll in and finish the additional challenge lab at the end of the Build and Secure Networks in Google Cloud Quest to receive an exclusive Google Cloud digital badge.

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  • Lab

    User Authentication: Identity-Aware Proxy

    Impara a limitare l'accesso a utenti selezionati autenticati con Identity-Aware Proxy senza programmazione specifica. Scopri come recuperare le informazioni sull'identità utente da IAP.

  • Lab

    Multiple VPC Networks

    In questo lab creerai alcune reti VPC e istanze VM, oltre a verificare la connettività fra reti diverse.

  • Lab

    VPC Networks - Controlling Access

    In questo lab creerai due server web nginx e controllerai l'accesso HTTP esterno a questi server utilizzando regole del firewall associate a tag. Successivamente, esplorerai i criteri e gli account di servizio IAM.

  • Lab

    HTTP Load Balancer with Cloud Armor

    In questo lab configurerai un bilanciatore di carico HTTP con backend globali. Successivamente, sottoporrai il bilanciatore di carico a uno stress test e inserirai gli indirizzi IP utilizzati per lo stress test in una lista bloccata utilizzando Cloud Armor.

  • Lab

    Create an Internal Load Balancer

    In questo lab creerai due gruppi di istanze gestite nella stessa area geografica. Quindi, configurerai un bilanciatore del carico interno con i gruppi di istanze come backend.

  • Lab

    Google Cloud Packet Mirroring with OpenSource IDS

    This lab demonstrates a common enterprise use case for Google Cloud's Packet Mirroring in conjunction with an Open Source Intrusion Detection System.

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    Quest Info
    The labs in this quest will teach you networking basics and advanced features incrementally, but hands-on experience with Google Cloud’s core computing and infrastructure services is required before beginning. It is recommended that the students have at least earned a Badge by completing the hands-on labs in the Google Cloud Essentials Quest.