G Suite: Integrations

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This Quest of hands-on labs demonstrates the power of integrating Google Cloud Platform services and tools with G Suite applications. With integration technologies such as App Script and the Clasp Command Line environment, you will create and publish web apps and add-ons for G Suite products: Sheets, Docs, Forms, and Slides. With App Maker you will build a ready-to-use app that has a Google Cloud SQL Database, Google Maps integration, and a Mobile Responsive Design. Other labs create direct connections to GCP data sources-- using the BigQuery API, Sheets, and Slides to collect, analyze and present data.

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This Quest assumes familiarity with G Suite apps (Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts Chat) as a power user. Before taking the labs in this Quest, you should have developed a familiarity with basic Google Cloud Platform services and tools by also taking the labs and earning a badge for the GCP Essentials Quest.

Quest Outline


Introduction to APIs in Google

This lab will teach you about the architecture and basic functioning of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This will be supplemented with hands-on practice, where you will configure and run Cloud Storage API methods in Cloud Shell.


Creating a Gmail Add-on

In this hands-on lab you create a Gmail Add-on that allows you to quickly change the labels of an email thread.


Google Apps Script: Access Google Sheets, Maps & Gmail in 4 Lines of Code

In this lab, we'll introduce you to one of the easiest ways to write code that accesses Google developer technologies, all by leveraging one of the mainstream web development languages, JavaScript.


Write Apps That Access G Suite APIs

In this lab, you will receive hands-on practice with the Google Drive (REST/HTTP) API. After enabling the API and obtaining the credentials needed, you will make an API request through an application that lists the first 100 files and folders in your Drive.


The Apps Script CLI - clasp

The Apps Script CLI, or clasp, is a tool that lets you to create, edit, and deploy Apps Script projects locally. It allows you to create and publish web apps and add-ons for products like Sheets, Docs, Forms, and Slides from the command line.


Hangouts Chat bot - Apps Script

Learn how to create a simple Hangouts Chat bot—"Attendance Bot"—using Google Apps Script. The bot integrates with Gmail to set a user's vacation responder and integrates with Calendar to put a meeting on the user's calendar.


Google Sheets as a Reporting Tool: Sheets API

In this lab, you'll learn how you can use Google Sheets as a custom reporting tool for your users. You’ll be modifying a sample order tracking application to export to spreadsheet and build visualizations using the Google Sheets API.


Google Slides API as a Custom Presentation Tool

In this lab, you’ll build a presentation using the Google Slides API and BigQuery to report an analysis of the most common software licenses.


Big Data Analysis to a Slide Presentation

This lab leverages two Google developer platforms: G Suite and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It uses GCP's BigQuery API, Sheets, and Slides to collect, analyze and present data.


Using the Natural Language API from Google Docs

In this hands-on lab, you will use Apps Script to call the Natural Language API from Google Docs to analyze the sentiment of selected text in the document.


Build a Complete Database Web App with App Maker

In this lab you will learn how to use Google App Maker to build a web app that is connected to a database.

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