Cloud Engineering

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This fundamental-level quest is unique amongst the other Qwiklabs offerings. The labs have been curated to give IT professionals hands-on practice with topics and services that appear in the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification. From IAM, to networking, to Kubernetes engine deployment, this quest is composed of specific labs that will put your Google Cloud knowledge to the test. Be aware that while practice with these labs will increase your skills and abilities, we recommend that you also review the exam guide and other available preparation resources.

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  • Lab

    Cloud IAM: Qwik Start

    Google Cloud IAM unifica il controllo degli accessi ai servizi Cloud Platform in un solo sistema per presentare un set di operazioni coerente. Guarda il breve video Manage Access Control with Google Cloud IAM.

  • Lab

    Introduction to SQL for BigQuery and Cloud SQL

    In questo lab apprenderai clausole SQL di base e proverai in prima persona a eseguire query strutturate su BigQuery e Cloud SQL.

  • Lab

    Multiple VPC Networks

    In questo lab creerai alcune reti VPC e istanze VM, oltre a verificare la connettività fra reti diverse.

  • Lab

    Cloud Monitoring: Qwik Start

    Questo lab illustra come monitorare l'istanza di una macchina virtuale (VM) Google Compute Engine con Cloud Monitoring. Guarda i brevi video Monitor Health of All Your Cloud Apps with Google Cloud monitoring e Monitor a VM Instance with Cloud monitoring, GCP Essentials.

  • Lab

    Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine

    Dev Ops best practices make use of multiple deployments to manage application deployment scenarios. This lab provides practice in scaling and managing containers to accomplish common scenarios where multiple heterogeneous deployments are used.

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    Quest Info
    This Quest expects familiarity with Google Cloud Services, particularly those in computing and networking. It is recommended that the student have earned a Badge by completing the hands-on labs in the Baseline: Infrastructure and/or the Google Cloud Essentials Quests before beginning. Additional lab experience with the Security and Identity Fundamentals and the Kubernetes In the Google Cloud Quests will be useful.