Using the Cloud SDK Command Line

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For everyone using Google Cloud Platform for the first time, getting familar with gcloud, Google Cloud's command line, will help you get up to speed faster. In this quest, you'll learn how to install and configure Cloud SDK, then use gcloud to perform some basic operations like creating VMs, networks, using BigQuery, and using gsutil to perform operations.

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    Cloud Shell 和 gcloud 入门

    在此实操实验中,您将学习如何通过网络连接到 Google Cloud Platform 上托管的计算资源。此外,还将学习如何使用 Cloud Shell 和 Cloud SDK 的 gcloud 命令。不妨观看下面的短视频,先行了解一下实验内容:GCP 基本功能 - Cloud Shell 入门

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    Configuring Networks via gcloud

    In this lab you use the gcloud command line to create VPC networks, subnets, and VM instances, and test connectivity.

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    Configuring IAM Permissions with gcloud

    In this lab introduces you will use the gcloud CLI tool to set up and configure command features of Cloud Identity and Access Management.

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    Using gsutil to Perform Operations on Buckets and Objects

    In this lab you will use gsutil to create a bucket, then perform operations on objects inside the bucket.

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    BigQuery: Qwik Start - Command Line

    This hands-on lab shows you how to query public tables and load sample data into BigQuery using the Command Line Interface. Watch the short videos Get Meaningful Insights with Google BigQuery and BigQuery: Qwik Start - Qwiklabs Preview.

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