DevOps Essentials

Fundamental 6 Steps 6 hours 31 Credits

DevOps is an organizational and cultural movement that aims to increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders. In this quest you will learn how to use Google Cloud to improve the speed, stability, availability, and security of your software delivery capability. DevOps Research and Assessment has joined Google Cloud. How does your team measure up? Take this five multiple-choice question quiz and find out!

Quest Outline

Hands-On Lab

Cloud Source Repositories: Qwik Start

In this lab you will create a local Git repository that contains files for a sample App Engine application, add a GCP repository as a remote, and push the contents of the local repository.

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Hands-On Lab

Mengelola Deployment Menggunakan Kubernetes Engine

Praktik terbaik Dev Ops memanfaatkan beberapa deployment untuk mengelola berbagai skenario deployment. Lab ini memberikan latihan penskalaan dan pengelolaan container untuk menyelesaikan beberapa skenario umum yang menggunakan beberapa deployment heterogen.

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Hands-On Lab

Deploy Kubernetes Load Balancer Service with Terraform

In Terraform, a Provider is the logical abstraction of an upstream API. This lab will show you how to setup a Kubernetes cluster and deploy Load Balancer type Nginx service on it.

Hands-On Lab

Pemecahan Masalah Keandalan Situs dengan APM Stackdriver

Lab ini bertujuan memperkenalkan Anda pada kemampuan spesifik Stackdriver untuk memantau infrastruktur cluster GKE, Istio, dan aplikasi yang di-deploy di infrastruktur ini.

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Hands-On Lab

Pipeline Continuous Delivery dengan Spinnaker dan Kubernetes Engine

Menciptakan cluster Kubernetes Engine, menerapkan aplikasi, dan menggunakan Spinnaker untuk melanjutkan penerapan aplikasi saat dilakukan perubahan pada aplikasi tersebut.

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Hands-On Lab

warning Continuous Delivery dengan Jenkins di Kubernetes Engine

Di lab ini, Anda akan men-deploy dan mengonfigurasi secara menyeluruh pipeline continuous delivery menggunakan Jenkins yang berjalan di Kubernetes Engine, serta melakukan proses pengembangan hingga deployment.

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