Google Cloud Run Serverless Workshop

Advanced 5 Steps 5 hours 25 Credits

Twelve years ago Lily started the Pet Theory chain of veterinary clinics, and has been expanding rapidly. Now, Pet Theory is experiencing some growing pains: their appointment scheduling system is not able to handle the increased load, customers aren't receiving lab results reliably through email and text, and veteranerians are spending more time with insurance companies than with their patients. Lily wants to build a cloud-based system that scales better than the legacy solution and doesn't require lots of ongoing maintenance. The team has decided to go with serverless technology. For the labs in the Google Cloud Run Serverless Quest, you will read through a fictitious business scenario in each lab and assist the characters in implementing a serverless solution.

Quest Outline

Hands-On Lab

Importing Data to a Firestore Database

In this lab you will upload existing data (a CSV file) to a Firestore serverless database in the cloud.

Hands-On Lab

Build a Serverless Web App with Firebase

In this lab you will create a serverless web app with Firebase, which allows users to upload information and make appointments with the fictional Pet Theory clinic.

Hands-On Lab

Build a Serverless App with Cloud Run that Creates PDF Files

In this lab you will build a PDF converter web app on Cloud Run, a serverless service, that automatically converts files stored in Cloud Storage into PDFs stored in segregated folders.

Hands-On Lab

Share Data Securely via a REST API Using Cloud Run

In this lab you will build a REST API so a 3rd party can access data stored on a serverless Firebase database through a website.

Hands-On Lab

Build a Resilient, Asynchronous System with Cloud Run and Pub/Sub

Use Cloud Run and Pub/Sub to run a service that manages communication through HTTP POST, email, and SMS.

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